Pillars and Columns

Wooden columns can be either functional or decorative. Functional columns carry the load from the upper structure to the foundation. In this case it balances the load. They can carry a roof or are used to support beams or arches or other decorative architectural structures. Small columns can be used in kitchens on fireplaces in entranceways or as part of a porch or staircase and can be freestanding as decorative structures. Columns are available split for pilasters or with biscuits for reassembly around a structural post.

Wood columns can, of course, be built out of a variety of materials that usually include concrete, stone and wood. They can be round, square, and occasionally octagonal, tapered or non-tapered, smooth or with milling options such as fluted, reeded or twisted. If the wooden column is being constructed for outdoor use it is generally made of wood that can withstand the elements which might be Cedar, Pine, Mahogany, Redwood or Cyprus. For interior columns, they are produced for paint or stain grade, depending on the desired finish. Wood species for interior columns are Poplar, White or Red Oak, Soft or Hard Maple, Mahogany and sometimes exotic wood species to name a few. It is generally thought that wooden columns have a warm feel to them as opposed to concrete and stone. Architectural columns are used in commercial, industrial and residential settings.

Most columns will incorporate Capitals in a variety of styles such as Tuscan, Roman Doric, Empire, Greek Ionic, Roman Corinthian, and Roman Ionic along with bases commonly called Attic or Tuscan styles.

We offer wood column shafts that are available in a variety of architectural styles that include Greek, Roman, Tuscan and Corinthian with corresponding caps and bases. Shafts come fluted or smooth in solid or stave construction. All of our columns are custom made to order for your restoration or new construction on commercial or residential properties. We can produce your individually crafted columns in virtually any domestic or imported species for interior or exterior applications in paint or stain grade.

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